First and foremost, the great welcome and the magnificent acceptance we had as soon as we arrived at the Fahrtraum Museum. There we exhibited ‘our 1922 Targa Florio box’ in which we carefully placed each of the 4 cars in a special display for Velasor, next to the original ADS-R, forming part of the great event of the legendary ‘Sascha’.

We discovered each of the details in digital format, books, period documents etc. until we got on the platform where the Original model was. Incredible up close, but even more so when you discover that it is the same as ‘Sascha’ 1/32.

The climax came when we were able to sit inside the 1922 ADS-R. Speechless.

Once set up in the museum, we could see and get to know the first Austro Daimlers before the war, but just when we were about to have a coffee, Mr. Ernst Piech, grandson of Ferdinand Porsche and founding owner of the museum, appeared. The excitement was rising by the minute…everything suddenly passed through our heads ‘I had to know Velasor and the little ‘Sascha’.

Very determined and with the help of Sebástian ‘our museum host’ we invited him to see the small stand that we set up, surprised by the novelty, wanted to discover what secrets our scale model hid. We made a demonstration of each and every one of the moving parts that the car had….. with every moving part, he honoured us with a smile and first-hand information about the ADS-R. Along with the book that tells the story of the model, we immersed ourselves in 1922 and enjoyed some of the most interesting stories.

He didn’t seem to be in any hurry, so he accompanied us on a tour of the museum, explaining each of the AD models and their history. At that time there was no camera, we were all ears…

Finally, we ended up in the living room of his house in fahrtraum, explaining to us with humour and in detail the value of the Austro Daimler brand and the genius Ferdinand Porsche.

We were able to enjoy many other activities, one of them was a trip along Mattsee bay, in the magnificent 1923 Austro Daimler 6/17, the weather joined us with radiant sunshine as we went around the three lakes by the hills of Obertrum, Mattsee and Grabensee.

Saying goodbye was difficult, to the place and its people. But we took a lot away from it… I think we left a lot behind too. The first prototype of VLM 1, which is displayed in the museum’s displays together with its brothers 1/18 and 1/43. Hopefully it will be displayed for many years to come, it is an honour that Ernst Piech is at the top of our list.